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Вечеринка в Букингемском дворце

Оригинал взят у kapenot88 в Вечеринка в Букингемском дворце
19 мая вечером в саду Букингемского дворца прошла традиционная вечеринка "Garden Party", на которой присутствовали королева Елизавета, принц Филипп, принц Уэльский Чарльз, герцогиня Корнуольская Камилла, принцесса Анна, принц Эдвард герцог Кентский и принцесса Александра Кентская.

'She was like any other grandmother really': According to a guest the Queen admitted today that she gets her grandchildren to help with her computer - but she disapproves of them spending too much time on their phones

A glittering guest list: Also accompanying the Queen were Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall (pictured), as well as Princess Anne, the Duke of Kent and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

Camilla, elegant in a Bruce Oldfield dress and Philip Treacy hat, spoke at length with guests Nicky Russell and Vicky Tustian, from Thetford about her father who was a Desert Rat. Nicky said she was 'very charming'

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